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What Exactly Is It That You Do?

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Over this past year, I have met with and helped many, many people when the time has come to look for additional help for an aging parent or loved one. I am sometimes asked exactly what it is I do, and why I am needed? I have been asked what ‘the big deal’ is, and why shouldn’t they just be able to handle this process on their own? If you’ve ever been in a situation where a friend or family member needed some additional help, you know there is a LOT to it.


When a loved one falls ill, or suddenly declines in their mental or physical health, there are a lot of emotions and sometimes time factors to consider. Often, there is a crisis that sends a family member to the hospital, where it is decided that the person shouldn’t go home, or shouldn’t go home unassisted. Most times, the physician will schedule a very fast release date, leaving the family to scramble with what to do and where to go.

The confusion comes in when people see these ‘easy’ website ads on TV, telling them to call a number and have all their problems solved. This isn’t always (and is very rarely) the case. When a person goes onto a Senior Help website, they are almost always asked to enter personal information (email, phone number, etc) and in a very short period of time, I’m told they are bombarded with phone calls from various Assisted Living companies. I met with a family yesterday who told me that within an hour of entering information on one of these sites, they received 12 phone calls from sales people trying to get them to come in for a tour. This is what a Senior Advisor eliminates.

When you meet with me, or one of my partners at Assisted Transition, your information is never shared. The main goal for us is to RELIEVE you of the pressure and stress of having to research, deal with, and talk to sales people at various communities. We will sit down with you and your family, gather the information pertinent to the loved one you are trying to help, and act on your behalf to do all the legwork for you. We will narrow down your search to find the best ‘fit’ for your family member by geographical preference, budget and assistance needs. Once the research has been done on our end, we will personally tour with you to the communities that fit your needs and help you navigate through every aspect of the process. If you need to look into a reverse mortgage, we’ll help you get to the right person. If you haven’t yet filed for VA benefits, we’ll help you get that process started. No matter what issue arises, we are the ones who handle the calls, make the appointments, and basically hold your hand until your loved one is placed, assisted, and settled, safe and sound.

Keep in mind, we, at Assisted Transition have researched the entire Inland Empire and have built relationships with the communities and residences that care for our loved ones, so when you work with us, you know we are recommending people and places we have trust in, and who we know will care for your loved ones as you want them to be cared for. We keep the decision making process simple by not overwhelming you with too many choices, and really make sure that the handful of communities we show you will fit every need you are looking for.

The main reason to work with a free Senior Advisor, is to allow you to BREATHE. I said these exact words to a woman on the phone today, who was in crisis mode with her mother…”now I want you to let me take this off of your shoulders and I want you to BREATHE”. She laughed when I said that, but I absolutely meant it. Give us the information, and we’ll do everything for you so you can relax and find the right place for your family member.

If you need some help, or just have questions about the financial aspects of assisting your loved ones as they age, give us a call!


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