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Helpful ideas for caregivers of loved ones!

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A loved one with dementia faces lots of challenges and difficulties on a daily basis, but often, it’s the caregiver that suffers most.

Caregiving can be very stressful as well as extremely time consuming. Trying to get on a schedule for when a loved one will eat, how to get them to bathe, or simply take their medications are usually on the top of our ‘to do’ lists each day. Most of us are so consumed with the tasks at hand that we rarely ‘really’ get to spend quality time with the person we are caring for.


The most important thing, I feel, while caring for someone is to make sure we carve out time every day to nurture our relationships and make sure we remember who that person STILL IS. Even though our loved one may have physical health issues or even dementia or Alzheimer’s, he/she is still the same person on the inside. It’s important to remember that most times, the person we are now caring for… cared for us for years! They shared wisdom and advice, cooked, cleaned, acted as our taxi service to numerous sporting events and activities and found purpose in doing these things for us. They worked, managed households and raised kids. They were THERE for us, through good times and bad. Making time to remember some of these ‘event’s can turn a challenging day into one that makes you smile.

 A few ideas:

  • Talk about when you were younger and remind them of your memories of when they did something special for you. Chances are they may remember them as well.
  • If there was a family pet, ask them to share their favorite story about their family pet and what that pet meant to them.
  • Talk about the first car they ever owned. I bet they remember every detail!
  • Look at wedding photos and other family photo albums and talk about details of different times and events.
  • Share old photos of grandchildren and of your childhood photos.
  • Play songs from your loved one’s childhood and early adulthood and sing along with them. Music works wonders!
  • Ask where they went on their first date with their spouse.
  • Watch a favorite old movie together.
  • Talk about cooking and other hobbies and see how you can incorporate some of those hobbies and interests into your loved one’s every day care.
  • Ask your loved one to help set the table and be a part of preparing dinner. This can provide so much joy to them, you’d be surprised!

Caregiving does not have to be task-oriented only. Incorporate relationship-based care into your day and you may find that reminiscing can bring back quality moments in caregiving.

Many assisted livings have adapted this philosophy in their care models, especially in their Alzheimer’s Communities. Reminiscence therapy is a wonderful way for the caregivers to get to know their residents. The above tips are all things that you can do at home while caring for your loved one. When your loved one begins to show signs of behaviors that require more care such as wandering or aggression, give us a call so we can help narrow down your options of communities with the type of care that you use with your loved one at home. We make it a point to spend a lot of time knowing the differences between the communities in your area and we’re here to help guide you in finding the appropriate next chapter in your loved one’s life. You can find us online at or simply call my cell at 909-921-1033. We are here to simply talk, allow you to ask questions, give suggestions, or make a move. Whatever it takes to ensure the safety and happiness of your loved one is what we are all about!

Enjoy your weekend!


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