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Celebrating Assisted Living Activity Directors!

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Did you know that each year, National Activity Professionals (those angels who coordinate and run all the great activities in our Assisted Living Communities) are acknowledged and celebrated for an entire week? This year, it’s from the 19th to 24th of January! These amazing human beings spend their time brainstorming and creating all sorts of activities to keep our seniors engaged and help to keep their brains active and functioning. This is no easy task! Most people think that activities in Assisted Living communities consist of bingo and trivia games, but there is so much more to what they do.


Activity Directors are responsible for getting to know every resident in their community on a personal level to make sure that all their needs are met. Some residents do enjoy the occasional bingo or karaoke session, while others enjoy gardening (building and creating and being responsible for the upkeep of these gardens), while others are more interested in music or spiritual activities. It’s your job, as the family member to communicate the likes and dislikes of your ‘senior’ so he/she can make sure that the social needs are met. And, believe me, your Activities Director will love this communication, and will strive to create those programs in order to keep the residents happy. I visited one Senior Community recently that had built a wood shop and art studio so those residents who liked to do those things would be happy, occupied and content. Another community I frequent has monthly lectures put on by the residents or local residents to share their life stories, and tell about their adventures…this is awesome! Last summer I had my Dad go into this community and put on a lecture for the residents to explain the evolution of Fencing in the Olympics. It was interesting and interactive and really fun! Another community puts on a monthly ‘art exhibit’ showing the residents’ recent artistic creations they had done, and boy, did the residents LOVE seeing their art displayed on the walls to be admired by others. Whatever the Activity Director can do to bring out the ‘old self’ of the resident, they will do. And this is why we celebrate them this week. They work hard to keep our seniors happy, engaged and make sure they are staying active and having fun! What a great thing!

If you have a loved one who is currently living in an assisted living community, please go out of your way to say thank you to the Activity Director. You will reinforce to him/her that what they are doing is not only worthwhile to the resident, but also to you. Bring the director some home baked cookies, a card, or some flowers to show your appreciation. Often, these directors are overlooked because they are not the primary caregiver for you senior. Let’s all try to ‘make their day’ and do something nice for them this week!

If your loved has not yet made that leap into Assisted Living, and you see that he/she has lost interest in what he/she used to love, now may be a good time to begin considering a move. Getting a senior into an active community with lots of things to do can literally change their mindset and their lives. It’s no fun to feel isolated and alone, and not be able to do what you love. I try to put myself in that place and think about how that would make me feel…especially if I were no longer driving, and many of my friends were unable to visit with me on a regular basis.

If this blog triggered something in you, then it was worthwhile to write, and I’m here to help. Remember, you can call me, email me or go out for coffee to pick my brain so we can work together to make the golden years for our seniors shine!

Have a great week!


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