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In honor of National American Heart Health Month, I thought I’d spend a few minutes going over some really great strategies to keep both our loved ones and ourselves on the right track to keep our hearts in great shape!

A loved one with dementia faces lots of challenges and difficulties on a daily basis, but often, it’s the caregiver that suffers most.

As I sit here this morning, I am getting more and more excited because tomorrow I get to go to Arizona to visit my Aunt, Great Aunt (95 years old), and cousins. The funny part about this is that my Mom was an only child. So…how do I have Aunts and cousins?

Did you know that each year, National Activity Professionals (those angels who coordinate and run all the great activities in our Assisted Living Communities) are acknowledged and celebrated for an entire week? This year, it’s from the 19th to 24th of January! These amazing human beings spend their time brainstorming and creating all sorts of activities to keep our seniors engaged and help to keep their brains active and functioning. This is no easy task! Most people think that activities in Assisted Living communities consist of bingo and trivia games, but there is so much more to what they do.


I try to make my weekly blogs come from personal experience and my family is completely okay with me doing this.  I wanted to share a little about the journey I’ve taken with my Mother’s 17 year journey with Dementia.

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