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Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC) offer multiple levels of care in one location, ranging from independent retirement living to assisted living to nursing home services. Advanced care residents may be restricted from a CCRC's independent living component. A CCRC often require a significant buy-in fee and a long-term contract.

Features & Benefits

Since a CCRC covers the full spectrum of senior living and care, you will find just about every feature that could be found in other options.

How We Help You

Our local advisors have great insight and information on local CCRCs as a result of personally touring them and developing a relationship with them. We use this unique knowledge to help seniors and their families determine whether or not they want to be in a CCRC, and if so, which would be the ideal community for them. The best part about our services is we provide them at NO COST* to you or your family!


Due to the fact that CCRCs offer such a broad level of care and services, families can choose from the lightest medical care to full nursing care, or from limited assistance to heavy daily assistance.

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